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ACL Presentation Recap
On March 18th, Dr. Jo Hannafin, a leading orthopedic surgeon, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Rob Fay, physical therapist/clinical director, Armonk Physical Therapy & Sports Training, came to Greeley to explain why girls are 3-6 times more likely than boys to injure their ACL in sports involving cutting, jumping and landing, such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball. They also explained how simple strengthening and balance exercises are proven to dramatically reduce the risk of these devastating, season-ending injuries.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of both athletes and coaches taking ownership of a prevention routine, which also enhances athletic performance. More>>

Videos covering information and all exercises demonstrated at the presentation may be viewed here.
The day after this presentation, The New York Times ran "How A Warm Up Routine Can Save Your Knees," which features sample videos from two highly recommended exercise prevention programs: PEP and FIFA 11.

Section 1 has been realigned
We are now in  League D: Brewster (A), Fox Lane (AA), Horace Greeley (AA), John Jay (A), Somers (A), and Yorktown (A).  Click here for an article on the change. 

Winter Sport Honors have been posted on the Honors page and updated.

Game Schedule for the week of April 14-19

Baseball: Boys JV Game 11:00am vs. Ossining at HGHS
Baseball: Boys Varsity Game 1:00pm vs. Ossining at Ossining HS
Lacrosse: Girls JV Game 12:30pm vs. Arlington at HGHS
Lacrosse: Girls Varsity Game 11:00am vs. Arlington at HGHS

Baseball: Boys Varsity Game 12:00pm vs. Scarsdale at Scarsdale HS
Lacrosse: Boys Varsity Game 4:00pm vs. Nyack at HGHS
Softball: Girls JV 11:00am vs. White Plains at White Plains HS
Softball: Girls Varsity 11:00am vs. White Plains at White Plains HS

Lacrosse: Girls JV Game 12:30pm vs. Carmel at Carmel HS
Lacrosse: Girls Varsity Game 11:00am vs. Carmel at Carmel HS

Lacrosse: Boys Varsity Game 1:00pm vs. Cornwall Central at Mt. Airy Sports Complex
Softball: Girls Varsity 12:00pm vs. Yorktown at HGHS

Lacrosse: Boys Varsity Game 1:00pm vs. Lakeland CSD at Lakeland HS

Social Media Rules to Consider

1) After composing a Social Media message or video, but before you hit send, ask yourself: "Would I be comfortable saying/showing this in front of my parents or my grandparents?" If the answer is no, discard it.

2) Take pride in who/what you represent. In addition to representing your family and hometown, you also represent Chappaqua School District/Horace Greeley High School and your team.

3) Don't allow the impersonal nature of Social Media lull you into a false sense of security. It's easy for a thought that materializes in your head while you're lying in bed or sitting on the couch to suddenly find its way into Social Media. But once you hit send, it's there for the world to see.

4) Don't use Social Media as an outlet to complain about how rough your life is. You are working on an education, traveling to interesting places and competing at a high level of interscholastic athletics. Thousands of people would like to be in your shoes for the chance to enjoy the opportunities you have.

5) Chances are there are some young kids who may view you as a role model and follow you on Social Media. Do their parents a favor and keep your Social Media "family friendly." Don't type LMAO or LMFAO when LOL works just as well.

6) Don't use Social Media as an outlet to talk about how much you hate school. You chose to become a student-athlete. If you hate school so much why are you working so hard as an athlete in the first place?

7) Using the “Reply Button” to respond a Social Media communication when profanity is used is no different than using it in your own original Social Media communication. Don't do it.

8) Avoid replying to Social Media users with vulgar names. Do you really want to be associated with @BigPhatBooty or @herpesboy?

9) Don't use Social Media daily telling people about how hard you're working on the field/court/pool/weight room/etc. If you were really working that hard, you wouldn't be on Social Media to tell us all about it.

10) Don’t allow yourself to be photographed while holding a drink. If you're posing for a photo, put your drink behind your back or on a counter out of the frame - even if you're only drinking water. If you are an athlete it should only be soda or water.

11) Don't use Social Media after a tough loss. You pour your heart and soul into training to become a champion, and losses are emotionally draining. Sleep on it. Your followers will still be there tomorrow.

12) Enjoying a big win? Take 30 seconds to use Social Media as a "Thank You" to the fans who were there to cheer you to victory.

13) Consider polarizing topics off limits on Social Media. Avoid commenting on sexual orientation, race and religions you don't understand.

14) There are many other teams and student-athletes at your school. Take the time to give them a shout-out on Social Media when they do big things. Ultimately, you're all on the same team.

15) People want their experience on Social Media to be fun. Make a real effort to use Social Media for far more positive content than negative.

16) What happens in the locker room stays there. Things that are said in private team settings should never find their way onto Social Media. This includes video of any sort.

17) Don't use Social Media during class. That's like disrespecting someone (in this case, your teacher) behind their back. And always be mindful that your teachers may be monitoring your Social Media account.

18) One of your Social Media followers may be in a position to hire you someday. Evaluate your Social Media from time to time and ask yourself, "Would I want to hire this person?" The future is yours. Films and print don’t lie.

19) If you feel that the Social Media guidelines, provided by your coaching staff and/or athletic administrator, expect you to comply which prevents you from "keeping it real,” then that should be your cue to re-evaluate your definition of "keeping it real." Your team, coaches and school administrators have your long-term best interest in mind.

20) Don't be fooled into believing nobody is paying attention.

(Adapted from Hobart William Smith)

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Girls Lacrosse
vs Arlington, W 17-5

at Ossining, W 12-10

Boys Lacrosse
vs John Jay CR L 8-10

vs Briarcliff, L 5-7

Boys Lacrosse
at Mahopac, L 5-8

vs Westlake, W 4-3

Girls Lacrosse
vs Hen Hud, W 10-7

vs Harrison W 2-1

Girls Lacrosse
at Pleasantville,
W 16-15

vs Byram Hills, W 9-1

Girls Lacrosse
vs Mamaroneck,
T 10-10

Boys Lacrosse
vs Clarkstown S,
W 10-9

at John Jay/CR L 17-8

Girls Lacrosse
vs Briarcliff, W 15-6

vs Rye Neck, L 1-10

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