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Greeley defied predictions and played in the Class AA Section 1 finals vs. New York State’s #1 ranked Arlington High School team on Saturday night at Arlington’s home field.

The atmosphere was electric and the play intense. Horace Greeley High School and the Greeley Sports Boosters made buses available for students to make the trip to Arlington. Three filled buses rolled into the campus getting incredulous reactions from the Admirals fans. Literally hundreds of Quaker fans crowded the stands and the orange and blue clad students led entertaining cheers to encourage their team.

Greeley looked a bit intimidated at the start as they stared up at some hulking players on the Arlington squad. One Arlington shot glanced off of the post and the noise shook Greeley out of their fear. The team came on strong, putting heavy pressure on every Arlington player, resulting in some great play and some nice opportunities. One produced a breakaway opportunity for Matt Neuberger, but the Admiral’s 6’5” goalie came our fast and low and blocked the shot.

The game was tied at halftime and both teams got rest and inspiration. The Greeley Midfielders, notably Zach Salzman, Jeffrey Kreisler, Michael Adler, Adam Siff, and Willie Yormack were terriers on the ball. Their feverish pressure and deft ball control kept Greeley in the match with much needed possession time to blunt the skilled Arlington attackers.

Greeley also showed strength from the back--notably in the goal. The LoHud reporter, tweeting live from the match, commented on the fabulous saves by Greeley’s keeper Jordan Rosenthal. Sure goals were saved by his quick reactions and fearlessness in the box.

Greeley had multiple set play opportunities in the closing minutes of the game--this was their chance for victory as it turned out. Corner kicks, throw-ins and direct kicks were passed, hurled and lofted, only to be thwarted by the long reach of the Arlington keeper and his aggressive defense. Arlington was shaken however; their fans were silent and the last whistle was a notable relief to the home team. It was clear they had not been as close to a loss like this all season long.

Tied at 0-0 after 90 minutes, the clock was re-set to 15 minutes for the first sudden-death overtime period. Arlington flooded the right side and a lofted ball was sent to the running attackers. Greeley’s defense of Liam Bradley, Paul Gadaleta and Jason Meshberg shut down their momentum but not before giving them a corner kick opportunity. Still only one minute into the overtime, Arlington capitalized on the chance with a toe poke after the ball slipped through the Greeley keeper’s hands.

If ever there was a "never quit" season it was this year. As Coach Herodes announced in September, there were to be 3 seasons: pre-season, regular season and the playoffs. Each was managed beautifully--with proper training in the first, developing as a team in the second, and stunning victories in the third. Greeley ends their season with a record of 10-6-4. Three post season victories earned them the Section 1 AA Finals appearance, including a thrilling 2-OT win over #3 seed Yorktown, a win over Port Chester, the defending class A champion who appeared in the state finals last year, and a victory over #2 seeded Mamaroneck, the state’s #2 ranked class AA team.

Congratulations to the team and their coaches Bob Herodes and Camp Shropshire for an excellent season, and best wishes to the graduating seniors. Top^^

Advances to Section Finals Saturday, November 2, 6:00 PM (details on home page)

Greeley, the 13 seed in the Section 1, Class AA tournament, gave a Shock and Awe performance in Mamaroneck on Wednesday night, delivering the Tigers their only loss of the season after 18 straight wins.

Mamaroneck was seeded 2 in the tournament but Greeley showed their skill and determination right from the start.

In the opening minutes, the Quakers performed quality passing, great communication and tenacious defense that seemed to surprise Mamaroneck.

Before the Tigers could establish their rhythm, Greeley’s Adam Siff put the Quakers ahead with a sly shot to the lower left corner in the 16th minute. The play developed from a throw-in that found its way to striker Declan Byrne, whose shot was blocked by the Tiger sweeper. The deflection landed at Siff’s feet and he quickly converted, scoring the game’s only goal.

Greeley showed incredible strength to shut down a skillful Mamaroneck squad for the remaining 76 tension-filled and exciting minutes.

After halftime, the Tigers came out much more poised, using skill and sharp passing to claim a majority of the possession time and a couple of frightening opportunities.

None was more a threat than an awarded penalty kick for hand ball in the 64th minute. but the kick was not on-goal and did not challenge Greeley keeper Jordan Rosenthal.

An excruciatingly slow clock finally found its way to zero, quieting the many Mamaroneck fans and enlivening a smaller but loyal and enthusiastic Greeley fan base. The players jumped for joy at the improbable victory, each with the same glint in his eye toward the promise of a Section final and the chance to continue this magical run toward the State tournament.  Top^^


The Greeley boys varsity soccer team upset the #11 seed Port Chester in a stunning victory to propel the Quakers into the Sectional semi-finals against undefeated Mamaroneck on Wednesday, October 30.

The deep talent of the Port Chester team gave them the early momentum and they struck first with a header goal on a corner kick. Before the first half ended Greeley scored an equalizer on a Zach Salzman throw-in to Matt Neuberger who gave the ball a glancing blow off his head for the goal.

Port Chester threatened in the second half but couldn’t net a goal. Three shots were cleared off of the goal line by field players -– twice by Jeffrey Kreisler and once by Michael Adler -– causing frustration for the Rams.

Greeley had their chances too and on one threatening play, the Port Chester keeper inadvertently took down Dan Levy causing a penalty kick and a yellow card. Zach Salzman stepped up and drove the ball home putting the Quakers in the lead 2-1.

Greeley got a mirror goal to their first half strike with another Salzman throw-in to Matt Neuberger header, putting the game out of reach for the Port Chester squad.

As the LoHud reporter Vincent Mercogliano posted in his soccer round-up, the “Quakers were better than your typical 14-seed, but we’re now getting to the point where you have to take them seriously as a title contender.”  Top^^


In the Sectionals, Greeley beat number 3 seed Yorktown 2-1 on Friday night.

Greeley entered the match seeded 14th in the Section 1 Class AA tournament. Playing in Yorktown, the teams showed great intensity in front of a lively and filled grandstand.

The steady Greeley defense of Jason Meshberg, Greg Ginsberg and Paul Gadaleta kept Yorktown scoreless through the first half.

Shortly after the break, Greeley broke the gridlock. Zander Levitz gunned a shot and only missed the back of the net because of a full out dive by the springy Yorktown keeper. A corner kick was awarded and Zach Salzman sent a cross to a leaping Paul Gadaleta, who headed home the ball for a 1-0 lead.

In the 55th minute, Yorktown tied the game on a 25-yard blast that dove into the gusty wind and under the crossbar.

Tied after 80 minutes, the teams faced up to two 15-minute sudden death overtime periods before a penalty kick shoot-out. By this time, three Greeley players were knocked out by bang-up injuries: Adam Siff, Zander Levitz and Drew Goldberg.

The intensity that only a sudden death knows lasted for 29 minutes. 60 seconds before a PK shoot-out, a direct kick was awarded to Greeley from 45 yards out. Greg Ginsberg spun a threatening cross and Zach Salzman ran, lept and headed the ball, sending it into the goal for a game winner. The team rushed the goal scorer, then turned toward the sidelines to celebrate with the many classmates who came to cheer on the squad.

The Quakers will face Port Chester in the next round on Monday, away, at 3:00 PM.  Top^^


In an act of team tradition, the Greeley seniors and their parents were honored before tip-off with photos, announcements and flowers. The 10 seniors then took the field and made hasty work of getting Scarsdale on their back foot.

Center back Greg Ginsberg launched a direct kick from 40 yards out to charging Quakers and a menacing Dan Levy distracted the keeper allowing the drive to bounce into the unattended goal.

Greeley held the 1-0 lead through halftime and 14 minutes into the second half, Liam Bradley flicked a pass to Declan Byrne who made a beautiful shot to score.

One minute later, 3 Quakers and one Scarsdale player all collided, with only Zander Levitz able to regain his footing and drill a sideline pass to Liam Bradley. Liam beat his defender and hit a meticulous outside-the-foot drive to the side netting to register Greeley’s 3rd goal.

Scarsdale seemed in shock and Greeley capitalized. Two minutes later, Liam Bradley again connected with Declan Byrne, who bounced his way through three defenders, elegantly placing the ball in the lower right hand corner, making the score 4-0.

Scarsdale was not without their own moments of opportunity, with two beautiful shots that a diving Greeley keeper, Jordan Rosenthal, kept out of the net. Unfortunately, an errant Greeley pass set up a breakaway run that Scarsdale converted, yielding the final 4-1 score.

Greeley shut down further opportunities: one on a corner kick, where midfielder Jeffrey Kreisler cleared a ball off the goal line with his head, and in the final minute a sliding Ryan Quish intercepted a drive at the 6 yard line.

Greeley ends their season with a 7-5-4 record. Congratulations to seniors Adam Bortnicker, Liam Bradley, Corey Brennan, Declan Byrne, Dan Levy, Jeffrey Kreisler, Craig Motola, Ryan Quish, Jordan Rosenthal, Zach Salzman on a great regular season and good luck to the entire Quaker squad in the playoffs.  Top^^


As the regular season nears completion, Greeley (6-5-4) created a second half tour de force scoring 3 goals to tie Ossining 3-3.

Ossining came out quickly, making Greeley look flat-footed as they scored 3 unanswered goals in the first half. In the 9th, 11th and 15th minute, Ossining penetrated the Greeley 18, dribbling through players and placing targeted shots to an over-active net.

The second half was defined by set pieces: direct kicks caused by Ossining fouls.

In the 42nd minute, a foul gave Greeley a direct kick 24 yards from the left post. Zach Salzman lifted a cross to Paul Gadaleta, who got Greeley on the scoreboard.

A foul on Michael Adler in the 58th minute in the box gave the Quakers a penalty shot opportunity to get within one. Salzman out-gunned a diving keeper, glancing the ball off the right post for the goal.

With 5 minutes to play, Greeley scored again. Salzman connected with Zander Levitz on a corner kick whose shot was cleared off the goal line by a Ossining defender. Paul Gadateta received the deflection and scored the equalizer.

Three shots off the crossbar kept Greeley from a win but the second half showed the potential of this team as they approach post season play.

Other results from the week:
• Greeley lost to Port Chester 1-0 against a well-managed and controlled Port Chester team.
• Greeley tied Mahopac 1-1 with Adam Siff scoring the equalizing goal.
• Greeley lost to the highly skilled Keio Academy 3-2. Senior Liam Bradley had both of Greeley’s goals but the Quakers couldn’t stop a diving header by Keio in the 74th minute to concede the loss.  Top^^

Paul Gedaleta scores on Ossining

Jordan Rosenthal makes a flying save against Ossining


Greeley gave a strong performance against Briarcliff, taking their only encounter this year, 3-0.

The teams played to a 0-0 tie in the first half, thanks in part to Greeley keeper Jordan Rosenthal, who grabbed 3 threatening saves.

The Quakers got their first score in the 62nd minute when a Briarcliff player handled a ball in the goalie box resulting in a penalty kick. Zach Salzman scored the PK with a firm shot to the lower right hand corner as the Bear’s keeper dove left.

Less than a minute later, Greeley struck again. Salzman scored his second goal with a header off of a beautiful cross from Michael Adler.

The momentum and control was clearly in Greeley’s favor as Greeley notched another goal. Salzman thread the needle on a through ball to Mathew Neuberger who directed a one touch blast, making the score 3-0 with 6 minutes to play.  Top^^



Greeley came out hot against Harrison. By the 14th minute, the Quakers were up 2-0 and all indications looked like it would be an easy afternoon.

At the 11th minute, Jeffrey Kreisler hit a blistering shot that the Harrison keeper could only deflect away. An attentive Michael Adler happily received the errant save and buried the ball in the goal for the 1-0 lead.

2 minutes later, Kreisler again provided the assist when he connected a piercing through ball to Matt Neuberger, who laced a low shot beyond the out-stretched hands of the goalie.

The tide turned for Greeley in the 31st minute when Harrison scored, cutting the lead in half. The momentum and control that defined the opening somehow escaped the Quakers and they couldn’t mount a serious threat to goal.

The lead was precariously slim and tensions grew until Harrison’s quick footed striker danced through the defense and tied the score in the 78th minute.

Greeley quickened their pace, trying to recapture the win in the remaining minutes and averting a risky overtime. It only took a goalie error that left the ball at Matt Neuberger’s feet and only grass between him and the goal mouth. He cautiously slid the ball home to cheers from the bench and the loyal Greeley fans. While not the prettiest victory, it follows the age-old adage: A win is a win!  Top^^

Liam Bradley fires a shot against Harrison

Jeffrey Kreisler passes for an assist against Harrison

Craig Motola holding down the defense against Harrison


Taking advantage of a beautiful day, a home field advantage and a loyal following, Greeley won against a very solid Ossining team, 6-2.

The game was a tale of two halves, with Ossining coming out strong and capitalizing on a cross goal shot in the 25th minute to take a 1-0 lead.

Greeley tied it up before the half when Matt Neuberger connected a pass to Liam Bradley in the goal area, where he volleyed the lofted ball.

Coach Herodes must have given an inspired halftime talk, because the Quakers came out fighting and fierce.

In the first minute, Adam Siff buried a bouncing ball in the net to grab a lead Greeley would never give up.

Two minutes later, Jason Meshberg smashed a 40 yard pass from midfield to Matt Neuberger who effortlessly brought it down and calmly pushed a shot into the right corner of the goal.

Five minutes later, Greeley punched through again on a corner kick from Zach Salzman. Drew Goldberg flew through the Ossining defense and clocked the ball with his head past a frozen keeper.

Minutes later, Salzman assisted again in a through ball to Liam Bradley. Under heated pressure Bradley drilled a low shot to the opposite post from 18 yards out.

Ossining scratched out another goal through their famous touch and controlled game but it proved too little, too late. Greeley added another late score when Corey Brennan threaded a perfect through ball to Cole Findling to yield the 6-2 final score.

Greeley hosted the State-ranked Byram Hills squad.

Having lost to Byram last month, Greeley brought out a big crowd and high energy. Greeley played extremely well and dominated the play against their perennial rival. Some fine goalie action by Byram’s keeper kept the score at zeros through regular time and two 10-minute overtime periods.

The crowd was an effective 12th man and the mood was electric as Greeley tried to score while staving off desperate drives by the visitors.

Greeley stands at 4-3-2.  Top^^

Paul Gadaleta's strong defense holds off Ossining

Liam Bradley shoots and scores against Ossining

Greg Ginsberg gets the ball in control against Byram Hills

Willie Yormack nearly scored the winning goal against Byram Hills



Greeley had a bruising battle against Port Chester at home and ended the match in a 2-2 tie.

Greeley scored first, in the 23rd minute, when Zach Salzman threw in a perfect pass to Michael Adler, who volleyed a ball into the left side of the net so hard the Port Chester goalie never even moved.

Two minutes later Port Chester evened the score on a great cross, just out of reach of the diving Greeley keeper, to a waiting Port Chester striker.

Greeley took the lead again on a set piece near the corner flag. Salzman again provided the assist, hooking a diving cross to a hungry Mathew Neuberger, who fought his way to a free shot and goal.

Port Chester countered with a beautiful cross to an open player, who headed the ball into the corner of the goal.

Tied at the end of regular time, the boys entered two 10-minute "Golden Goal" periods, in which any goal immediately ends the game, awarding the win to the scorer.

A feverish pace took over the field and opportunities were logged by both teams at both ends of the field. Emotions ran high and Greeley nearly scored on a great breakaway attack by Drew Goldberg. After 100 minutes the final whistle blew, giving the boys much needed rest after a well fought match.

Saturday at Keio Academy was a different story and different outcome. The Keio team was fast and in control for much of the match. They showed fine control but couldn’t score. Greeley had chances that nearly put them ahead in the first half but the teams played to a tie through halftime.

It wasn’t until the 82nd minute that Keio broke through and scored a goal that grazed the Greeley keeper’s fingertips.

For Greeley, the man of the match was surely keeper Jordan Rosenthal. Jordan fought off 14 shots on goal throughout the game before that first goal found the net.

An exhausted Greeley team let up and Keio notched two more goals for a 3-0 final score.  Top^^

Greeley's Zach Salzman battles for the ball against Port Chester

Greeley's Michael Adler shoots and scores against Port Chester

Greeley's Zander Levitz strikes hard for a header against Keio

Greeley's Jordan Rosenthal makes a save against Keio Academy


Greeley got off to a slow start with little possession and falling prey to a bullet shot in the 11th minute that set them back 1-0.

The goal proved to be a wake-up call for the Quakers as they shifted their game to one of passing, possession and power. In the 27th minute, Greeley’s Zach Salzman made a cross-field throw-in to Willie Yormack, who volleyed the ball perfectly past the Rye keeper to even the score, 1-1.

Shortly before halftime a beautiful combination of a stolen ball (by Willie Yormack), change of direction pass (Drew Goldberg) and booming shot (by Zander Leivitz) gave the Quakers a 2-1 lead. Zander’s shot was from 30 yards out and blazed a path to the upper right corner, well out of reach of the quality Rye keeper.

In a nail biting 40-minute 2nd half, Greeley maintained control of the ball and the game’s flow. They peppered the goal area with a constant flow of attacks with 11 shots, 7 of which were on goal. It was a great showing of the potential of this Greeley team and put the Quakers back in a winning way with a 3-2 record.  Top^^

Captain Zach Salzman controls the midfield

Willie Yormack passes and moves


Greeley brought their record to 2-2 with a decisive win over visiting Blind Brook to get the Homecoming celebration started.

Greeley got off to a quick start with a brilliant goal in the 2nd minute of play when Zach Salzman slid a through ball to Michael Adler who one-timed a blistering shot to the lower right corner.

Just halfway through the first half, Greg Ginsberg split the defense with a direct kick right to the foot of Adam Siff, who made easy use of it for his first goal of the game.

Blind Brook took advantage of a corner kick to reduce the Greeley lead to 1 goal just before they finished the first half.

Greeley came out aggressively in the second half and Zander Levitz penetrated the left side with both finesse and fitness, dribbling to the end line and crossing back to Declan Byrne. Byrne hit a powerful shot, only to be blocked by a fearless Blind Brook keeper. Unable to control the ball, it ricocheted off the goalie right to Adam Siff, who placed the ball in the back of the net for his second goal of the game.

The game near completion, Greeley converted one more time as Willie Yormack headed home a perfect cross from Zach Salzman off of a set play.  Top^^

Ryan Quish

Jeffrey Kreisler

The Greeley defense, led by Captain Jason Meshberg, shuts down Blind Brook.


Greeley hosted Mahopac in their season home opener.

Confusion in the box led to a Mahopac goal in the 3rd minute.

Greeley came back strong and tied the game in the 50th minute. Senior captain Zach Salzman lofted a pass to Drew Goldberg who struck a strong shot that Byram’s goalie saved. Too hot to handle, however, the ball bounced free from the cat-like Mahopac keeper only to be sent home by Greeley’s Adam Siff for the equalizer.

With energy high on both teams, play shifted from end to end with a decided advantage to Greeley as they outshot Mahopac 12-5. The stubborn Mahopac keeper saved punchy shots by Jeffrey Kreisler and Matt Neuberger in the final minutes. Mahopac had their chances too as one ball was headed out of the frame by Greeley’s Michael Adler in the final seconds on a Mahopac corner kick.

Left at 1-1 after 90 minutes, the game went into sudden death overtime. A quick transitional breakaway gave Mahopac a golden chance and they stole the win in the 1st minute of overtime.  Top^^


Greeley faced rival Byram Hills in Armonk. Despite a 0-0 bitterly contested stalemate in the first half, Byram Hills took their first encounter with Greeley in a 3-0 victory.

Byram Hills, a regular top performer in Class A, led in possession for most of the game, peppering Greeley goalie, senior Jordan Rosenthal, with 21 shots, 11 on goal. Greeley didn’t get into their rhythm and couldn’t convert any of their 11 shots. Greeley moves to a record of 1-1.  Top^^

Declan Byrne and Drew Goldberg

Jason Mehberg goes for a tackle while Jeffrey Kreisler is in hot pursuit


Greeley, under new Head Coach Bob Herodes, kicked off their 2013 campaign with an impressive 4-2 win against perennial powerhouse New Rochelle.

The Quakers came out hot and in only the second minute stunned New Rochelle when Junior Adam Siff played a nice exchange with Junior Drew Goldberg before slotting home a goal with a classy one touch finish.

Keeping great control of the field, Greeley struck again in the 6th minute. Sophomore Zander Levitz lofted a ball to Drew Goldberg who out-ran his defenders and drilled a lefty strike to the top corner of the frame.

Still with great momentum, Greeley scored again in the 15th minute as Sophomore Matt Neuberger caught the goalie off guard and through sheer aggressiveness stole the ball and tapped it into the net.

Down 3-0 at half, New Rochelle came out hungry and showed their hallmark ball skills. In the 61st minute, New Rochelle deftly spun a shot from the left side into the right corner of the Greeley goal, making it 3-1. Tensions ran high as the Huguenots narrowed the lead to one with a 30-yard knuckle ball the dove under the cross bar with 3 minutes remaining.

The Quakers never quit and, with less than 2 minutes remaining, Sophomore Greg Ginsberg slammed a free kick from mid-field which bounced over the keeper who was distracted by a harassing Matt Nueberger.

Greeley sits at 1-0 and will face Scarsdale in their home opener Wednesday, Sept 11 at 4:30PM.  Top^^

Adam Siff

Greg Ginsberg

Jordan Rosenthal


Name   Gr Pos #
Alex Wiseman Jr. M/F 3
Willy Yormack Jr. M/F 16
Jeff Kreisler Sr. M/F 2
Zander Levitz So. B 24
Drew Goldberg Jr. FWD 9
Cole Findling Jr. M/F 17
Paul Gadaleta Jr. B 18
Greg Ginsberg So. B 11
Jason Meshberg Jr. B 13
Craig Motola Sr. B 19
Declan Byrne Sr. FWD 22
Mike Adler Jr. M/F 27
Liam Bradley Sr. M/F 7
Corey Brennan Sr. B 8
Ryan Quish Sr. M/F 14
Jason Re Jr. GK 00
Jordan Rosenthal Sr. GK 1
Zack Salzman Sr. M/F 10
Adam Siff Jr. M/F 4
Matt Neuberger So. FWD 15
Dan Levi Sr. M/F 6
Adam Bortniker Sr. B 21

Bobby Herodes, Coach
Camp Shropshire, Asst Coach




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