This match began on Monday, with threatening skies, gusting winds, and the ever-so-slight hint of a shower. Mostly clad in warm-ups, the boys began and the drama unfolded.

First off the court was Rex Glickman, who made his match against a top player look easy. He was quickly followed by Kevin Socolow and Ben Fortier, who played together like a well-oiled machine.

Harry Hall and Justin Simpson were neck and neck with their opponents in the first set, and prevailed in a first set tiebreak. The second set was smooth sailing and they gave the team the third win.

Then the rain got serious and play had to be halted. “To be Continued”…and it was scheduled for today.

The highpoint of the match was the fabulous Wei brothers. Each had to pick up their singles matches mid-game. Jeremy was down a set, and serving to win the second. James had won the first set, but was down in the second. Two brothers…both had to play third set tie breaks to win. Side by side on the courts, both brothers showed focus, finesse, power and inimitable strategy to overcome their opponents and both came through with wins for the team.

Congratulations to everyone who played today and Monday.

First Singles
Rex Glickman 6-1 6-1

Second Singles
Jeremy Wei 3-6 7-5 1-0 (10-4)

Third Singles
James Wei 6-2 3-6 1-0 (10-6)

First Doubles
Justin Simpson & Harry Hall 7-6 6-4

Second Doubles
Kevin Socolow & Ben Fortier 6-1 6-3

Third Doubles
Jace Krakovitz & Zach Salzman 6-2 6-2

Fourth Doubles
Matt Corso & Alex Cogan 6-1 6-0  Top^^


Playing for the first time in Conference III, Briarcliff was not prepared for the force of the Quakers. The boys defeated their opponents on all but one court, and most courts were won by a wide margin.

Making their varsity debut today were Jake Klein and Ben Ornstein in third doubles, and Prakyat Pola and Henry Buckley in fourth. Jake and Ben played accurate, athletic tennis which showcased Jake’s speed, and Ben’s put-away volleys. Jake’s serve and Ben’s whipping forehands down the line earned many free points for this team.

Prakyat put his opponents on the defensive from the start with his skidding and spinning serve. Henry covered all corners of the court if their opponents managed to return the ball. Both players were consistent, and waited for the Bears to make the majority of the errors.

First Singles
Rex Glickman 6-2 6-0

Second Singles
Davis Kim 4-6 0-6

Third Singles
Gillon Gross 6-2 7-5

First Doubles
Harry Hall & Kevin Socolow 6-2 6-1

Second Doubles
Alex Kogan & Fayzan Chaudry 6-4 3-6 10-8

Third Doubles
Jake Klein & Ben Ornstein 6-3 6-2

Fourth Doubles
Prakyat Pola & Henry Buckley 6-0 6-1 Top^^


Gillon Gross 9
Davis Kim 9
Jeremy Krisberg 9
Erik Rauch 9
James Wei 9
Ben Fortier 10
Jake Klein 10
Alex Kogan 10
Zach Papell 10
Avatar J.Simpson 10
Alec Bluestine 11
Henry Buckley 11
Matt Corso 11
Cole Findling 11
Seth Gainsburg 11
John Goodnough 11
Kirill Omelich 11
Ben Ornstein 11
Prakyhat Pola 11
Zach Schoenfeld 11
Noah Truwit 11
Jeremy Wei 11
Ari Bennett 12
Lucas Cacace 12
Fayzan Chaudhry 12
Rex Glickman 12 (Captain)
Harry Hall 12 (Captain)
Robert Hwang 12
Zachary Jayson 12(Captain)
Alex Kaufman 12
Jace Krakovitz 12
Zach Salzman 12
Adam Shimer 12
David Shimer 12
Kevin Socolow 12 (Captain)
Ryan Quish 12
David Vlock 12


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